If you are considering painting or polishing your skirting boards or architrave on your terms, you should arrange to protect your flooring and carpets when painting skirting boards. It is no wonder that refurbishing or painting skirting boards may seem like a tedious task but, it would certainly transform your room by a mile. It has been said several times “it’s the little things that matter”, and making fewer adjustments to the skirting boards can help with transforming your room or your house.

While, painting skirting boards and architrave may not be your top priority when it comes to preparing renovation plans, you should arrange to protect your floors and carpets. However, when making plans to execute with your DIY tasks, it is important for anyone to protect your floor. If you do not take proper precautions to protect your carpet, you should take the following measurements:

Once you have sanded your skirting boards and prepped them to be painted, you should arrange for newspaper and masking tape for adding a protective layer to your carpets and floorings. Take the straight edge of the newspaper and use a piece of masking tape to place along it. Make sure that the third section of the masking tape is attached to the newspaper, whereas, the two sections are hanging over the edge to provide you with a better coverage to paint the skirting boards.

Work on the joined newspaper and making tape, and attach the edge of the tape to the edge of the skirting boards. Once you are satisfied with the absence of gap between the predetermined edges, press it down firmly to ensure that it is firmly stuck to the carpet. Once you have ensured that your setup is stuck firmly in place, you should move along to mark the area to be painted and repeat the process.

The area is protected from unexpected paint spillage, and you can remove it when you are done painting the skirting boards.